Beer Math

Preston Rideout released his latest tips of the trade by outlining how to determine you cost and profit per pint of beer Forecasting Gross Profit Margin per Pint is not often discussed much less written about because it’s Boring.  You know what’s Not Boring?  Putting Money in the Register.  You know whats even Less Boring?  Maximizing […]

Ten Best Texas Whiskey

Ten Best Texas Whiskey Let’s deconstruct the Ten Best Texas Whiskey ranked by “Whiskey Experts” then establish Preston Rideout’s Ten Best Texas Whiskey based on Cost Per Ounce.  Best is always subjective at “Best” where as Numbers Never Lie.   As a Consultant, I tell Restaurant operators, Bar owners and Nightclub managers, “Don’t Tell Me What […]

Meticulous Attention to Detail

Meticulous Attention to Detail Lack of Meticulous Attention to Detail, not lack of Planning, is the leading cause of Hospitality Failure.  Bar owners will Fail, Nightclub Operators will go out of business and Restaurant Investors will loose capital if they Fail to execute a Meticulous Attention to Detail on a daily basis. Anyone, with money, […]

Bartender Sequence of Service

Bartender Sequence of Service   The 7 Step Bartender Sequence of Service is the cornerstone of my Bartender Training program.  I first received my Sequence of Service Training while Bartending for Pure Management Group, in Las Vegas, at World Famous Pure Nightclub.  I had been bartending at Tangerine, inside Treasure Island for several years, before […]

Rescue My Bar

Rescue My Bar Manual has over 1000 pages of Fully Editable Handbooks, Reports, Guides, Job Descriptions, Pricing Guides, Cash Flow Sheets, Private Event Contracts, Inventory Reports, Order Guides, Operating Procedures and everything else it takes to open or operate a successful Bar, Restaurant, Nightclub or Entertainment Facility.