Bartender Sequence of Service

Bartender Sequence of Service


The 7 Step Bartender Sequence of Service is the cornerstone of my Bartender Training program.  I first received my Sequence of Service Training while Bartending for Pure Management Group, in Las Vegas, at World Famous Pure Nightclub.  I had been bartending at Tangerine, inside Treasure Island for several years, before pulling working Industry Night at Pure.  At that time, Joe Lopez was the General Manager and was the driving force behind PMG”S Bartender Sequence of Service Training program.  I bartended for Joe at Pure then worked, side by side ,with him and opened Audigier.  Since then, I’ve modified his 7 step Bartender Sequence of Service training program and use it everywhere I work.

I recently conducted a Bartender Sequence of Service training class for my bar staff and wanted to know if they were executing the Service Sequence as we discussed.  This past weekend, I witnessed my Bartenders flawlessly executing their 7 Seven Step Sequence of Service.  My vantage point was excellent and the Bartenders didn’t realize I was at the Bar.  I slipped in the side door, mid way through the first quarter of the Ole Miss game.  The bar was slammed.  All the tables, couches and chairs were taken. It was SRO, “Standing Room Only.”  I was able to blend in, among our customers, and received unfettered access to the Bartenders guest interaction, order taking, drink preparation, delivery, cash handling and guest check closing.  I didn’t know what to expect.  However, the Bartenders exceeded my expectations and were providing phenomenal service.  Order after Order, they provided text book service by executing these 7 steps.

Bar Sequence Of Service

(1).  Meet, Greet and Seat Customers at the bar le viagra en ligne.

(2).  Take the customers Drink Order.

(3)    Up Sell when possible.

(4)    Prepare Drinks by using proper liquor and recipe.

(5)    Expedite the Customers Drink Order

(6)    Present guest check to Customer for signature

(7).   Thank, Bid Farewell and Invite the Customer back.

Step One: Meet, Greet and Seat the Customer at the bar.  From a Customer point of View, “Meeting, Greeting and Seating” is their First impression of the Bartender.  Bartenders need to realize they are Brand Ambassadors.  Their First Impression can make or break a customers experience.  Meeting, Greeting and Seating can be accomplished by three sentences. “Hi my name is Preston. “Welcome to our Icehouse.” “Please Take a Seat.”

Meeting, Greeting and Seating hinges about clear speech, smiling and eye contact.  Otherwise, this technique comes off as too corporate and can be perceived as a “Canned” greeting manufactured by Ivory Tower Executives forced upon line level employees.

Step Two: Take the customers Drink Order.  Although simple, this step often translates into wrong drinks be rang in, prepared and delivered.

(1).  Ask the guest what they would like to drink

(2). Upon receiving the drink order, the Bartender should repeat the order back to the guest to ensure it’s correct.  This will eliminate any discrepancies and prevent the wrong drinks from being rang in, prepared and delivered.  If for any reason a bartender is unsure of what liquor is used to prepare a drink, Bartenders should just Ask.  Ask another Bartender or politely ask the Customer.  Quite often, the customer has No idea what liquor is used to make the drink just ordered.  It’s Ok not to know every ingredient of every multi liquor drink and shot.  However, it’s Never Ok to guess what the ingredients are. When in doubt just Ask.

Step Three: Up Sell whenever possible.  Similar to Ben Affleck in “Boiler Room” yelling at Jr. Stockbrokers about the ABC’s and how they should “Always Be Closing” it’s imperative for Bartenders to Always Be Up Selling.  When a guest orders a “Screwdriver” a Bartender should seize this opportunity to Up Sell by saying, “Excellent, would you like an Absolute, Stoli or Goose Screwdriver?”

Step Four:  Prepare Drinks by using the proper liquor and recipe. It’s cliche to say Proper Drink preparation has 4 parts

(1).  Pack glass full of ice

(2).  Do Not over pour.

(3).  Always pour 1.5 ounces of Liquor.

(4).  Garnish each drink with proper garnish.

These are the very, very, very basic preparation directions.  Drink preparation is an Art and truly takes time to master.  Slinging Drinks across the bar does not make someone a bartender.  They are “Drink Slingers.”  Anyone can sling drinks but not everyone can become a bartender.

Step Five: Expedite the Customers Drink Order.  Above all else, a Bartender should Never hold a drink by the rim of the glass.  It disgusting to see a slammed bartender placing a finger in each drink then pinching these glasses together so they can carry 8 shots in both hands.  Trust me.  It happens all the time.  Upon delivery, call out the Drink by name, when handing to the customer, because some drinks look similar and can be easily confused.

Step Six: Present the guest check to the Customer for signature.  Depending on your Standard Operating Procedure, a Bartender should have already secured a Credit Card or quoted a price upon receiving the  order.  Of these 7 steps, presenting the guest check for signature or securing cash payment is my greatest focus during Sequence of ServiceTraining.  Everything is meaningless if we do not “Secure Funds for the House.”  A bartenders primary job function is to “Secure Funds for The House.”  I go over this every time I counsel an employee for a Walked Tab.

Over and Over, I ask Bartenders what are the 3 Most Important Words?  “Cash or Credit.”  As an operator, my greatest concern is “Securing Funds for the House.”  Funds are secured by asking Customers, “Cash or Credit”  Upon receiving a Drink Order and after Up Selling, a Bartender needs to “Secure Funds for the House.”  Otherwise, Drinks get prepared, delivered and consumed without being paid for

Step Seven: Thank, Bid Farewell and Invite the Customer back.  I strongly encourage all staff to bid guests farewell, using their name when possible, and always invite the guest back by mentioning upcoming events, drink specials, Tap Take Overs or  Pint Nights.

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